满意水喉建筑工程 My Plumbing & Construction/ MP Plumber Enterprise: All types of blockages, leaks and renovations 装修理水喉漏水


Specialising in

Plumbing & Sanitary esp water tank, heaters, toilet sets, basin sink piping & water filter

Clearing & Fixing for toilet stuck, sink, basin, septic tank, floor traps, clogged pipes

All types of blockages, leaks and renovations



Mueng Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine: Good food, prepared with skill and love

Mueng Thai
Photo: ORIGINAL NORTHERN THAI CUISINE (PORK FREE)<br /><br /> Uniquely Delicious !!<br /><br /> Aroy Mak Mak!!
Mueng Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine
Photo: Mueng Thai Hot & Cold Four Combination
Mueng Thai Hot & Cold Four Combination
Photo: PAKU PAKIS SALAD<br /><br /> (Yam Pak Krud)
(Yam Pak Krud)
Photo: SOM TAM BROCCOLI SALAD<br /><br /> (Tam Broccoli)
(Tam Broccoli)
(Dok Gui Chai Phad Pla Muk)
Photo: MIANG TA WAI- BETEL LEAVES WRAPPED SNACK<br /><br /> ( Mieng Tawai)
( Mieng Tawai)
Mueng Thai offers sumptuous authentic northern Thai cuisine in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere.Pork free Restaurant.
This is where it all began for us. Mueng Thai means Thailand. Our first Malaysia Thai restaurant, just a stone’s throw from Kelana LRT station and Ara Damansara.
Mueng Thai has an intimate, laid-back atmosphere, and is where we began serving our signature dishes to a crowd hungry for fresh Thai food with royal authentic and a modern twist. Mueng Thai serves some of the best northern Thai food in Petaling jaya.
The appeal of Thai cuisine lies in fresh flavours with a kick of chillies, herbs, spiece and we use authentic Thai ingredients freshly flown in daily from Thailand to prepare our exquisite dishes.
The emphasis is on authentic Thai cuisine, served in an informal setting. Join us for a mouthwatering meal for lunch, afternoon snack or dinner. Pork free Restaurant.
Its ho-hum surroundings might not offer much encouragement, but Mueng Thai’s affordable, top-drawer Thai treats represent the silver lining in Pusat Perdagangan NZX’s cheerless cloud of closed restaurants. The standout here is the marvellous bitter gourd curry chicken – it possesses a mild tartness that reins in the thick, not overly spicy curry’s sweetness and sets it apart from its ubiquitous green curry counterpart. The tom yam seafood special with crab and kerabu mango salad are other highlights on the nondescript restaurant’s extensive menu.
Wonderful food, friendly service and fair prices.
One of the most important thing for me is freshness in food (especially vegetables), their food was steaming hot and fresh. The vegetables in the dishes could not have been fresher.  Even the garnishes on the plates looked picture perfect.
Good food, prepared with skill and love, is an art form, and this is quite evident at Mueng Thai. The chef cares very much about what comes from the kitchen, and you can both see and taste it, here.  Pretty plates are served, and each is a paragon of the amazing, spirited flavors one expects from good Thai cusine.
  • 137-1, Jalan PJU 1A/41B, Pusat Perdagangan NZX, Ara JayaPetaling Jaya 47301Malaysia
Mon – Sat11:00 am – 10:30 pm
Sun5:00 pm – 10:30 pm
  • Venue phone:

    016 629 3333

  • Opening hours:Daily, 11am–3pm; 5.30pm–10pm

Mueng Thai Authentic Thai Cuisine does not serve pork nor do we use any pork-derived ingredients in our cooking. Our chicken and beef are supplied by Halal-certified suppliers.

For more information about our menu or Reservation please call us at
(603) – 7886 1308
(+60) 16 -629 3333

Oriental Noble 东方贵族:旗袍专卖店 The Beauty Of Cheongsam


Outlet Name : Oriental Noble
 Lot No. : LG2.86
 Description : When looking for something eccentric and fun to wear or when you are playing in the sun, be sure to look for the great apparel and knick knacks at Oriental Noble.
 Contact No. : 603-74922379
 Fax No. : 603-74922379

Customer feedback:

FYI, I’ve been looking for a perfect Cheongsam for years! I wanted a nice one, sleeveless and short Cheongsam. It so happened that that day I saw this cute black with purple flower Cheongsam in Oriental Noble, Sunway Pyramid, and after trying it my dear and I both think it looks perfect on me, so he bought it for me (thanks my dear)! This one is a bit pricy at RM179.

From: http://baobao-no-sekai.blogspot.com/2010/02/cny-2010-part-1.html

Being a Chinese, I am ashamed that I have never owned a Chinese traditional dress or blouse, until now. This is what I got.

I have passed by this shop countless times whenever I was at Sunway Pyramid but never once stepped in.

A couple of weeks back something in me told me to walk into Oriental Noble. Once I was inside I was really taken in by the beauty of cheongsams. Middle aged ladies who were not model slim looked great and incredibly smart when they tried on the cheongsams. I always had the notion that cheongsam are meant for old ladies, I mean really old ones. I was completely wrong. The chinese traditional clothes that Oriental Noble have for men and women, young and old, are both modern and real classy looking and they are of fine quality. Oriental Noble is located in LG2.86 in Sunway Pyramid, Selangor, Malaysia.
When we left the shop, we got one for each of us – my husband, my son and me! Chinese New Year came early…….
From: http://mumwrites.blogspot.com/2010/11/chinese-traditional-blouse.html

Professioner Wedding Video Shooting

20140707_211612   003



I stay out of sight, capture the candids and the emotional moments of the day that you so cherish.  The beauty of 2 persons coming together, spending the rest of their lives together and creating memories that is an art, just like my photography and videography. I am original, just like every couples that I shoot. I am telling your stories.

“專業”一直是我的口碑,持續追求結婚錄影的品質和突破仍然是我不變的信念 能夠有榮幸參予每對新人生命中的重要時刻,讓我備感榮耀, 也希望,我的紀錄能夠帶給每一對新人 在未來的歲月,時時都能回憶起當初的美好

Professioner Wedding Video Shooting cal 016-3128 728 Leong Theam Soon

Music Wedding Video Shooting Service in KL,call 016 3128 728


陈秀莲Puchong Utama鱼头 Restoran Sang Mewah Sdn Bhd:

2014-03-21 12.37.46  20140707_211653   陈秀莲咖喱鱼头 – 果然名不虚传,咖哩够味又不太辣,好吃!!料也放的很足, 可以吃到很多鱼头肉。顾客都是衝著新鲜、味道甜美的蒸鱼头而来。醬汁配上新鮮魚頭,一嚐便停不了口,問老闆秘訣何在,老闆還是那句:最重要新鮮! Curry fish head damn nice. The fish is fresh, meaty and the gravy is flavourful. 陈秀莲puchong utama鱼头 Restoran Sang Mewah Sdn Bhd

  • 2 Jalan Utama 2/2, Taman Perindustrian Puchong Utama,
  • 47100 Puchong
Phone 03-8061 3493


Restoran Sang Mewah is located near Telekom in Taman Desa patronised by many locals nearby the area, it is always overflowing with customers during lunch and dinner hours. You can find free parking after office hour but hardly any parking during lunch time. Their signature dish are Steamed Fish Head or Steamed Fish with Assam Sauce and other home style cooked dishes, ask the wait staff for recommendation.

Sang Mewah Restaurant No. 14A, Faber Plaza, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, 58100 Kuala Lumpur. 03-7971 2569

Honey Lemon
Bitter gourd soup

Light and refreshing soup, great for hydration and starter to whet the appetite.

Stir-fried Sweet Potato Leaf
No meal is complete without veggies, it was perfectly cooked, seared at high temperatures to lock in the flavour.
Assam Steam Fish

The fish here was always of a good size. Fresh and good. Tender fish flesh and the assam gravy was delicious and blending well with the fish.

Saturnia Health & Beauty Therapy:DNA FILLER抗老化提升治疗让您恢复年轻美丽



IMG-20140325-WA0005 2014-04-02 13.09.14 2014-04-02 13.09.00 2014-04-02 13.08.53

本公司的DNA FILLER抗老化美肤美白、消除眼袋、脸部提升、浅化皱纹及黑斑和颈部结实及让皮肤细嫩,让您恢复年轻美丽。

Saturnia Health & Beauty Therapy

15A, Jalan Burung Tiung, Taman Bukit Maluri, 52100, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03 – 6276 4735 / 016 – 328 0986

Business Hours: Monday – Friday: 11.00am – 8.30pm Saturday – Sunday: 10.00am – 7.00pm Close on Sundays (1st & 3rd week)

QO Patent Sdn Bhd/ Quality Oracle Sdn Bhd: Intellectual property rights registrations/ Patent, trade mark & industrial design


Company Banner

We are a firm of professionals specializing in intellectual property rights registrations such as filing of patent, trade mark and industrial design applications in Malaysia and Overseas. We also assist our clients in enforcement registered rights through working with their panel of lawyers. Other services provided by us include valuation of intellectual property rights, commercialization of inventions and application for investment tax incentives such as pioneer status and other facilities available to manufacturers.

Our Intellectual Property Division provides the following services:

1)            Patent specification drafting in all fields of science and engineering;

2)            Patent infringement and validity analysis;

3)            Filing and registration of patents, trade marks and industrial designs in Malaysia and internationally and prosecution of these applications;

4)            Trade marks, designs and patents searches;

5)            IP assignment and licensing;

6)            IP valuation and commercialisation including services in documentation, drafting and compiling applications for grants for R&D works and commercialisation of R&D, and for financing facilities for commercialisation of inventions.

7)            Copy rights protection

8)            Commercialisation of intellectual property rights and facilitation services in respect of application of grants, loans and financing facilities

Quality Oracle Sdn. Bhd. (283792-H)
L6-03, Level 6, Wisma BU 8,
No. 11, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7725 3860, 7725 6860    Fax: 03-7725 5860    Email: info@qualityoracle.com 

Anker Packaging Services: Commercial & Flexible Packaging- Plastic Packaging for Food, Liquid and Paste


2014-03-19 16.44.15

2014-03-19 16.44.08



The company specializes in flexible plastic packaging. We have the experience and knowledge in the rotogravure printing packaging line more than 10 years. Our services is unlimited from all kind of materials printing to meet individual needs. We provide a wide range of printing solutions and offer the best quality, value service from time to time and the cost  effective solution whatever the printing application.

We provide a full service centre for all your quality packaging needs.
Specialised in Commercial & Flexible Packaging- Plastic Packaging for Food, Liquid and Paste- Aluminium Foil Moisture Barrier Bag- All kind of Vacuum Bag

– Printed and Plain Packaging or Roll Form


With our machinery, we are able to produce different type of bags including Aluminium and Moisture Barrier Bag:

  • 3 Sides Seal Bag with/without zipper
  • Centre Seal Bag with/without gusset
  • 3 Sides Seal Bag with/without air valve
  • Side Seal Bag with gusset
  • Standing Pouch Bag with/without zipper (Powder & Liquid)
  • Gusset Bag

We provide printing (surface or reverse) services on packaging materials such as:

  • OPP Film
  • PET Film
  • Nylon Film
  • CPP Film
  • PE Film

We also have the equipment to do lamination on the following materials:

  • Nylon / LLDPE
  • PET / ALU Foil / LLDPE
  • PET / CPP
  • OPP / CPP
  • OPP / MPET / CPP
  • OPP / MCPP
  • Matt BOPP / MCPP


Anker Packaging Services 
No. 6 Jalan Industri PBP 6, Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Telephone Number
603-8065 2502

Fax Number
603-8065 2503

Wash & Carry Sdn Bhd 全能自动化洗衣店 : Kuchai Avenue/Jalan Kuchai Lama 13 Coin-Operated Laundry



2014-04-15 14.51.04

2014-04-15 14.50.30

Self-Service Coin-Operated Laundry

Wash & Carry has utilized a revolutionary laundry concept in providing a totally new, bright and modern feel good environment, allowing you to experience a new experience in laundering.

You can now save time, relax & have fun while doing your Wash-Dry-Fold !

Quality and Economical Services at your  convenient !

SMART EDUKIDZ DAYCARE & TUITION CENTRE 精英安亲补习中心: daycare (before / after school) & tuition for kindergarten kids, primary & secondary school students




2014-02-18 10.53.43

2014-02-18 10.53.14

2014-02-18 10.51.10

2014-02-18 10.50.58

2014-02-18 10.50.46
SMART EDUKIDZ DAYCARE & TUITION CENTRE was established in 2006 at Bandar Utama. 

We provide daycare (before / after school) and tuition for kindergarten kids, primary and secondary school students. 
At Smart Edukidz, we offer the best and diverse methods of learning to cater for your unique child. We also provide many learn through play facilities that will always keep your child fascinated. Nutritious home-cooked meals, home work guidance, pre-test and revision and transport are also included in the day care service.
85, Jalan BU 6/2, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya

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