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SMART EDUKIDZ DAYCARE & TUITION CENTRE 精英安亲补习中心: daycare (before / after school) & tuition for kindergarten kids, primary & secondary school students




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SMART EDUKIDZ DAYCARE & TUITION CENTRE was established in 2006 at Bandar Utama. 

We provide daycare (before / after school) and tuition for kindergarten kids, primary and secondary school students. 
At Smart Edukidz, we offer the best and diverse methods of learning to cater for your unique child. We also provide many learn through play facilities that will always keep your child fascinated. Nutritious home-cooked meals, home work guidance, pre-test and revision and transport are also included in the day care service.
85, Jalan BU 6/2, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya

TADIKA ANAK RIANG: Small class full Montessori kindergarten

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childrens’ arts from Tadika Anak Riang…




We are a Full Montessori kindergarten. Our classes are small and engaging to match the needs of each individual child. We also encourage hands-on discovery and play in a nurturing and safe environment



Mywis Enrichment Centre: 专业教育中心及安亲班




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Mywis Enrichment Centre

Address: 39, Jalan Batai Laut 8, Kaw 16, Taman Bukit Cemerlang, 41300 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia

Contact number: 03-3343 6101 / 012-614 1000
Email: byeong73@yahoo.com

IMA Mental Arithmetic 珠心算:促进小孩子计算能力的提高




As parents, all of us have the responsibility of making the right choices for our children be it the right kind of food, clothing and education for our children. At IMA, we have made our choice to be in the people improvement and advancement business. Our vision is to lead and prepare our children to assume future leadership roles.

In this regard, IMA is a well established and well-organized institution devoted to our objective of providing quality education in abacus and mental arithmetic study.

Our education methodology is unique, forward looking with classes conducted in a creative and lively format.

IMA also boasts a strong pool of resourceful and intensively trained teachers that are competent and responsible. The teachers are also taught on the psychology of children and the positive effects of encouragement and negative impact of punishment.

At IMA, classes are kept to a maximum size of 20 students to ensure that each individual student receive personal attention, crucial to the monitoring aspect of each child’s development.

All course materials and syllabuses are systematically designed internally which are on par with international standards. This is evident as IMA is the only institution of this nature in Malaysia that takes part in International Competitions overseas yearly and has consistently won awards and accolades.

All our teachers are required to strictly follow instructions and exercises as per standards implemented thus ensuring continuity in teaching. The standard of our study is that of the international level. This claim is substantiated by the fact that we are the only institution of this nature in Malaysia that takes part in international competitions every year and won prizes as well as awards.

Franchise Program
Starting a business in education is both financially and personally satisfying. Academy IMA may not be the largest but we definitely have one of the best abacus & mental arithmetic learning programs you could ever find. And with IMA on your side, your potential for growth and income is unlimited.Benefits of IMA’s MAM Franchise program:
Low start up costs plus we will train and help you set it up. Prior experience in abacus & mental arithmetic is not required as we provide training and support to help you grow your business.
You can operate a commercial center or a home classroom, keeping your monthly expenses within your budget. You also get flexible hours to run your business.
Our learning system has proven to be highly effective in student education. The knowledge imparted with this program not only helps students to overcome the fear of figures and mathematics, it is also relevant for other problem solving subjects.
The more students you have, the more income you will generate. Your potential for growth is unlimited and as your business grows, you can afford to hire more staff and offer more programs.

IMA Mental Arithmetic
31-1, Taman Miharja Fasa 3B,
Jalan 3/93, Batu 2 1/2, Cheras,
55200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Tel : 603-9281 8148/9, 9281 1149
Fax : 603-9283 3148
Email : ima@ima.com.my


Tadika Kanak-kanak Midah: established since 1972. “Total Development” of a child


Tadika Midah

Tadika Kanak-kanak Midah was established since 1972. Our mission is “Total Development” of a child.

At Tadika Taman Kanak-kanak Midah, we offer the best and diverse methods of learning to cater for your unique child. We also provide many learn through play facilities that will always keep your child fascinated.

Tadika Kanak-kanak Midah
No. 80, Jalan Midah Besar Taman Midah, Cheras,56000 Kuala Lumpur.
03-9130 5040
 Student comments:

Parents-Teacher Meeting at Tadika Midah

Am so happy today. My whole family went to Tadika Midah for a Parents-Teacher meeting. Dadi and Mami are really proud of me. I have managed to obtain number one in position and I’m really proud of my achievements.
Picture on the school board
This is a very nice Graduation Book
which the Tadika gave to every graduating student
The following is the content of the Graduation Book

On top of all this, I received a keychain from the kindergarden with my graduation photo on it. This really made my day.

Tadika Midah School Outing

This is an old post. Mami just wanted to post the photos received from my Teacher. It’s some photos taken during my school outing….
Visit to a Chocolate Factory
Visit to the Rice Factory
Visit to the Rabbit Farm.
There was a competition to dress the rabbit, and my team WON!
Visit to a Horse Ranch
I was riding a pony

My preschool days…

I was really happy after receiving my trophy from school yesterday during Prize Giving Day. Mami gave me a great big hug when we came back from school. She reminded me that I had a similar trophy last year. It was a great achievement for me to obtain 1st position for 2 consecutive years.
I recalled the time when I first attended Tadika Midah when I was 5 years old. I cried every morning for about 2 months before boarding the school bus. I would have watery eyes when I arrive in school.
It was very difficult for me to adjust to the new environment back then. It was a Chinese based Kindergarden, very different from my previous kindergarden.
I started attending Kindergarden when I was 3 years old. I attended a Montessori School in Taman Midah. It was a place full of fun and laughters. I developed good living skills there.
When I was 4 years old, Dadi and Mami were determined to send me to a Chinese School when I turn 7 years old. Due to this, Mami enrolled me to Tadika Midah at 5 years old to prepare me.
It was certainly a culture shock for me. Most of my teachers and friends conversed in Mandarin. As I was unable to speak Mandarin, my principal attempted hard to ensure that I fitted well in class. She placed me beside an English speaking girl called Kimberly in class. She was my best friend at that time. Other teachers were also sympathetic and had constantly gave words of encouragement.
I really disliked going to school for the first 2 months. Mami was very worried for me. She then asked if I wanted to go back to the previous Montesorri Kindergarden. I agreed initially. So, she brought me to the Kindergarden one day and was about to complete the enrolment form again. At that point of time, I suddenly changed my mind. I told Mami that I would want to try Tadika Midah again. Although I was in tears at that time, I decided that I did want a change.
I settled down on the 3rd month at Tadika Midah. I diligently completed my homework and listened attentively during my lessons in class daily. This made Mami very proud of me. It was also easy for Mami because she didn’t have the time to teach me or check my homework due to her daily work demands. At the very most, she would only check my homework during the weekends.
The day came when I had learnt that there were exams coming my way. It was the first time learning about what exams was, and I was determined to do well. I was all stressed up, unable to sleep well, worrying about the possibility of not doing well. I prayed very hard every night asking Jesus to help me in my exams.
My sleepless nights had caused much anxiety to Dadi and Mami. Mami had then passed her stress to a tuition teacher. She was lovely. She was a working adult, but was passionate to teach me. She went through the exam guide given by the kindergarden, came twice a week and prepared me for my exams. I was very relieve to have her coach me. Based on my request, she prepared exams papers for me to do a week before my mid year exams.
I was happy when I obtained 2nd place in my mid year exams. I was really thankful to my tuition teacher. My tuition teacher continued to coach me, but my lesson had reduced from twice a week to once a week (1.5 hours).
I was a much happier child after my mid year exams. Despite me having more confidence, it was a half yearly affair to have sleepless nights one month before my exams. I guess the same went for Mami and my tuition teacher 🙂
I am very glad that all had went well. Everyone helped me settle well. My teachers at Tadika Midah were excellent and passionate to ensure that every child did well. My school principal constantly gave words of encouragement and reminded me not to worry too much. My tuition teacher was dedicated to coach me. Dadi, Mami and grandparents constantly kept me in prayers.
I hope to be able to sustain my good results. Mami is currently worried that I would have my “sleepless night” episodes again. So, she had started preparing me for Primary One.
Here are photos of my beautiful teachers at Tadika Midah. They taught me for the past 2 years.

Little Nobel 诺贝尔幼稚园:安亲、补习、家课

photo photo photo photo photo photo



The Management

Mdm Chan Ee Lin Queensland University of Technology Australia, Bsc IT. Montessori Centre International, UK, Diploma in Pedagogy (Montessori)

The founder has more than 10 years of experience working in multinational companies. Currently, she also manages another preschool and after-school care centre. She had done extensive research on education for young children over the years. Her vast experience helped her develop a set of special programmes for preschoolers, nurturing and getting them ready for formal education.

Our Teachers

Jenny Lau University of Malaya, BA in Science Education.

Jenny obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Science Education 2005. She has more than 3 years of teaching experience involving children from preschoolers to teenagers. Jenny is our lead teacher for Moral, Chinese and Malay languages programmes. She is also talented in children arts and crafts.

Yap Poh Fong Chang Hua Education University, Taiwan BA in Education

Poh Fong obtained her BA in Education in 2000. After completed her practical training in Taiwan, she was attached to a local school before coming back to Malaysia. Poh Fong is also involved in voluntary work for children with special needs. She is our lead teacher for Chinese programmes.

Daphne Sharon Fernandez Persatuan Tadika Malaysia Certificate of Pre-School Teaching

Sharon was professionally trained by the Persatuan Tadika Malaysia. She has been teaching for 15 years, working with children from all age groups. She specializes in teaching English, tutoring preschoolers and primary school children.

The Milestone

06 Jun 2004

Commencement of Junior Nobel™ in a rented single storey corner house at Taman Bukit Kuchai Puchong. A humble beginning with only 6 students.

01 Jun 2005

Finalization of the plan to set up preschool in Puchong.

01 Nov 2005

Commencement of Little Nobel® at Bandar Puteri 10, Puchong in a rented double storey corner house. A humble beginning with 14 students.

12 Sep2006

Acquisition of Little Nobel® business premises for future growth in Bandar Puteri 6, Puchong.

01 Jan 2007

Commencement of Junior Nobel™ new branch in Bandar Puteri 6, Puchong in a double storey house.

19 Jan 2007

Acquisition of Junior Nobel™ business premises for future growth in Taman Bukit Kuchai, Puchong.

05 Feb 2007

Relocation of Little Nobel® to our own double storey premises in Bandar Puteri 6, Puchong. There were 38 students in the preschool and 6 students in the newly set up Junior Nobel™ branch located next door.

26 Mar 2007

Relocation of Junior Nobel™ to own single storey corner house at Taman Bukit Kuchai, Puchong, involving 43 students.


Little Nobel® and Junior Nobel™ grew significantly with students totaling 137, driven by sound management and the acceptance of our education programmes by parents.

Montessori & Us

Montessori believes in a holistic approach to your child’s education. Preschooling is a time when your child is encouraged to develop his personality, adapt to his own culture and become an independent, useful member of the society. Here’s how Montessori methods work.

Practical Life – The Skills of Daily Living

Young children are always eager to imitate adults. Montessori’s Practical Life programme links learning to aspects of daily life when a child first enters preschool.

Sensorial – Exploring the World

The world is full of colours, sizes, shapes, forms, sounds, tastes and smells. A child’s world is a world of the senses. Montessori sensorial materials help children continue their creative development, enabling them to clarify, classify, and comprehend their world.

Mathematics – From Concrete To Abstract

Preschoolers have natural mathematical minds. They have the capacity to reason, calculate, and estimate. Montessori mathematical materials allow these sensorial explorers to begin their mathematical journey from the concrete to the abstract through manipulation, experimentation, and invention.

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic, although not part of Montessori, will be introduced to children aged 5 and above. A textbook- and CD-ROM-based Mathematics programme introduces children to the various methods of learning mathematics.


Language – From Spoken to Written

The Montessori preschool classroom emphasizes spoken language as the function for all linguistic development. Throughout the entire Montessori environment, your child hears and uses precise vocabulary for all the activities, learning the names of textures, geometric shapes, composers, plants, mathematical operations, etc.

Cultural – Expanding the Boundaries of the Classroom

Through Montessori cultural materials, your child is involved in individual activities that gradually help him to acquire more detailed knowledge in biology, geography, history and science. The child needs to know his environment, culture and society to get him ready for his lifelong journey ahead.

We Construct, Play & Learn

Block Building

Children experiment with their own ideas – growing, learning and developing skills in the process. When playing with blocks, children learn about math and science concepts; acquire problem solving and oral language development skills, which help gross motor development and classification skills.

Creative Art

Through art, children are able to explore and discover the world around them. Children use art to experience, explore, and experiment. In the process, they discover ideas, creativity and the joy of overcoming obstacles.


Music and Movement

The Music and Movement class opens a world of discovery and adventure for children. They help children develop literacy, listening, problem-solving, social skills, self-esteem, and music appreciation. All these happen in an energy-charged environment that’s packed with imagination, music, dance, and fun!


Sand & Water Play

Sand & Water Play lets children interact in an open-ended manner. They learn about science and mathematics from pouring water into and measuring it in containers.


Here, children are actively involved in all kinds of activities, drawing knowledge from all areas of the curriculum and putting them together for use in structured ways. Many of the activities have self-correcting answers with opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Physical Education

When children walk, tumble, roll, run, jump, stretch and bend, they are actually developing major muscle groups and discovering the capabilities and limitations of their bodies. Movements allow children to express their moods and emotions. Learning motor skills helps children develop a sense of control, helping them to foster a positive outlook in life.


Pusat Jagaan Seri Nobel

Business Hours: Mondays ~ Fridays (8:00am – 6:30pm)

Open for registration throughout the year during business hours.
We are open on school holidays; close on public holidays.
Special Open Day on every Saturday in December (1pm ~ 6pm). 
2, Jalan Puteri 6/2A, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong
Enquiry Hotline : 80619608
Email Address : eelinc68@yahoo.com

ALC Mental Arithmetic.Day Care.Tuition ALC珠心算安亲补习中心 : Providing quality services for children






ALC Mental Arithmetic.Day Care Tuition

(Nearby SKY(C) Desa Jaya) Nearby SJK(C) Desa Jaya Desa Jaya
Kepong Kuala Lumpur 52100 Malaysia
Phone: 03-62772757 / 0126667757
Description: Mental Arithmetic.Day Care.TuitionOutdoor Activities

  • Visit Pahang Elephant Sanctuary Park
  • Get Close To Sun Bear/Ostrich/Deer
  • Visit City Of Golden Mine-Raub
  • Mines Critter Land
  • Visit MCD Kitchen
  • Sunway Wild Life Zoo+Organic Wheatgrass Factory

Indoor Activities

  • Tuition/Homework Class
  • Science& experiment
  • Cooking Corner
  • karaoke Singing
  • Story Telling
  • General Knowledge

Pusat Jagaan Meru 中路补习安亲班: 家长首选的补习安亲班



Pusat Jagaan Meru 中路补习安亲班
No.30,Jalan Sentosa 38,Taman Bunga Melur,Kaw 19,,41050 Klang,Selangor.
Tel:03- 3342 8448

Amazing Tots: Caring and dedicated teaching


Caring and dedicated teaching  

Amazing Tots

8 & 10, Jalan Riang, Taman Bukit Indah, Off Old Klang Road, 58200 KL

Tel: 012 206 7236


Amazing Tots: 提供高素质“保育”和“教育”


Amazing Tots

8 & 10, Jalan Riang, Taman Bukit Indah, Off Old Klang Road, 58200 KL

Tel: 012 206 7236

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