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QO Patent Sdn Bhd/ Quality Oracle Sdn Bhd: Intellectual property rights registrations/ Patent, trade mark & industrial design


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We are a firm of professionals specializing in intellectual property rights registrations such as filing of patent, trade mark and industrial design applications in Malaysia and Overseas. We also assist our clients in enforcement registered rights through working with their panel of lawyers. Other services provided by us include valuation of intellectual property rights, commercialization of inventions and application for investment tax incentives such as pioneer status and other facilities available to manufacturers.

Our Intellectual Property Division provides the following services:

1)            Patent specification drafting in all fields of science and engineering;

2)            Patent infringement and validity analysis;

3)            Filing and registration of patents, trade marks and industrial designs in Malaysia and internationally and prosecution of these applications;

4)            Trade marks, designs and patents searches;

5)            IP assignment and licensing;

6)            IP valuation and commercialisation including services in documentation, drafting and compiling applications for grants for R&D works and commercialisation of R&D, and for financing facilities for commercialisation of inventions.

7)            Copy rights protection

8)            Commercialisation of intellectual property rights and facilitation services in respect of application of grants, loans and financing facilities

Quality Oracle Sdn. Bhd. (283792-H)
L6-03, Level 6, Wisma BU 8,
No. 11, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7725 3860, 7725 6860    Fax: 03-7725 5860    Email: info@qualityoracle.com 

Anker Packaging Services: Commercial & Flexible Packaging- Plastic Packaging for Food, Liquid and Paste


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The company specializes in flexible plastic packaging. We have the experience and knowledge in the rotogravure printing packaging line more than 10 years. Our services is unlimited from all kind of materials printing to meet individual needs. We provide a wide range of printing solutions and offer the best quality, value service from time to time and the cost  effective solution whatever the printing application.

We provide a full service centre for all your quality packaging needs.
Specialised in Commercial & Flexible Packaging- Plastic Packaging for Food, Liquid and Paste- Aluminium Foil Moisture Barrier Bag- All kind of Vacuum Bag

– Printed and Plain Packaging or Roll Form


With our machinery, we are able to produce different type of bags including Aluminium and Moisture Barrier Bag:

  • 3 Sides Seal Bag with/without zipper
  • Centre Seal Bag with/without gusset
  • 3 Sides Seal Bag with/without air valve
  • Side Seal Bag with gusset
  • Standing Pouch Bag with/without zipper (Powder & Liquid)
  • Gusset Bag

We provide printing (surface or reverse) services on packaging materials such as:

  • OPP Film
  • PET Film
  • Nylon Film
  • CPP Film
  • PE Film

We also have the equipment to do lamination on the following materials:

  • Nylon / LLDPE
  • PET / ALU Foil / LLDPE
  • PET / CPP
  • OPP / CPP
  • OPP / MPET / CPP
  • OPP / MCPP
  • Matt BOPP / MCPP


Anker Packaging Services 
No. 6 Jalan Industri PBP 6, Taman Industri Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Puchong Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Telephone Number
603-8065 2502

Fax Number
603-8065 2503

Wash & Carry Sdn Bhd 全能自动化洗衣店 : Kuchai Avenue/Jalan Kuchai Lama 13 Coin-Operated Laundry



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2014-04-15 14.50.30

Self-Service Coin-Operated Laundry

Wash & Carry has utilized a revolutionary laundry concept in providing a totally new, bright and modern feel good environment, allowing you to experience a new experience in laundering.

You can now save time, relax & have fun while doing your Wash-Dry-Fold !

Quality and Economical Services at your  convenient !

SMART EDUKIDZ DAYCARE & TUITION CENTRE 精英安亲补习中心: daycare (before / after school) & tuition for kindergarten kids, primary & secondary school students




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2014-02-18 10.51.10

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2014-02-18 10.50.46
SMART EDUKIDZ DAYCARE & TUITION CENTRE was established in 2006 at Bandar Utama. 

We provide daycare (before / after school) and tuition for kindergarten kids, primary and secondary school students. 
At Smart Edukidz, we offer the best and diverse methods of learning to cater for your unique child. We also provide many learn through play facilities that will always keep your child fascinated. Nutritious home-cooked meals, home work guidance, pre-test and revision and transport are also included in the day care service.
85, Jalan BU 6/2, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya

Aery Jo Academy: Professional make up academy






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Aery Jo Academy is a professional make up academy that teaches a unique combination of Korean and International technical skills.

Make-up your life with Aery Jo

General Information
Aery Jo Academy was incorporate to educate the public the basic of make-up and to develop the standard of Professional Make Up Artist. Aery Jo Academy is a professional make up academy that teaches a unique combination of Korean and International technical skills. We also upgrade and provide the latest information of make up trend.Our Academy will provide both theory and practical training.
Students will be given the opportunity to work outdoor activities with Professional on exciting events, such as studio make over, movies shooting, fashion, bridal and make up show and competition.
Upon completion of the desire make up courses, students are equip with an impressive portfolio that are essential for their make up career. (International Certificate are also available such as Aery Jo Korea, City and Guilds. We are a City and Guilds Approved Centre)
We have branches at Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh.

We are providing courses such as Professional Bridal (Make Up& Hair Styling Course), Professional Make Up& Hair Styling Course, Professional Artist(Upgrade course), Personal(Image Make Up Course), Body Arts, Hair Styling Course. Besides that, we are using high quality Aery Jo Cosmetics consist of make-up brushes, make-up boxes, powder products, cleansers, and color make-ups, totaling over 60 categories and 500 products.

The principle and all our renowned make up Artists are talented, creative and experienced.

M2-C-15, Jalan Pandan Indah 4/6, Pandan Indah, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone +60133636998; +60195582215; +60342969700
Email contact@aeryjoacademy.com
Website http://www.aeryjoacademy.com/


Restoran Ho Boh 河婆擂茶館: 传统,健康,营养高 Great food and Value for money!

IMG_0011 2014-04-25 16.36.00   2014-04-25 16.21.49 Restoranhoboh zpsb602d257 Escaping Haze Part 2.1:Gastronomic Adventures | Restoran Ho Boh 河婆擂茶館 (Kuala Lumpur)

Ho Boh Restaurant河婆擂茶馆

雷茶 is a traditional signature dish among the Hor Poh (河婆) clan which is part of the Hakka’s (客家). It is also known as thunder tea rice due to the thunderous pounding sound during the grinding process of the ingredients. Preparation process of this dish is tedious. Meticulous hard work of manually grinding tea, seeds, nuts and herbs for the tea soup. Then uniformly chopping up 7 different types of vegetables. And finally, there is still condiments of Dried Shrimps, Preserved White Radish, Tofu and Toasted Peanut to be carefully prepared.
Just by presentation alone, I could feel the amount of hard labor being put into my tiny bowl of rice. The savory condiments against the refreshing vegetables, accompanied with hot tea soup hit my tummy on its sweet spot. It is definitely a meal worth traveling for!
Another Must Have from Restoran Ho Boh is Abacus beads (算盘子). Abacus Beads are made of dough formed from yam and tapioca flour, cut into abacus-bead shapes. When cooked, Abacus Beads are soft on the outside but chewy on the inside. This dish is cooked with minced or pork, dried shrimps and mushrooms. I would highly recommend Restoran Ho Boh. Great food and Value for money!

Restoran Ho Boh 河婆擂茶館

Tel: 016-282 2778 (Off on Mondays)

21A, Jalan TK 1/11, Taman Kinrara, Seksyen 1, Batu 7 1/2, Jalan Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Opening Hours Is From 10.30am Until 9.00pm

营业时间是从 早上10.30 到 晚上9.00

TADIKA ANAK RIANG: Small class full Montessori kindergarten

2014-01-21 14.24.39

2014-01-21 14.24.07

childrens’ arts from Tadika Anak Riang…




We are a Full Montessori kindergarten. Our classes are small and engaging to match the needs of each individual child. We also encourage hands-on discovery and play in a nurturing and safe environment



Restoran BBQ Soon Hing 顺兴烧腊饭店:不折不扣超好吃的烧腊叉烧肉 The best wan tan mee




Restoran BBQ Soon Hing 顺兴烧腊饭店

Chinese RestaurantBBQ Joint, and Asian Restaurant
26-G Jalan Puteri 2/4 (Bandar Puteri), 47100 Puchong Batu Dua Belas, Selangor
This place sells the best wan tan mee! The noodles were made to perfection, being super springy and bouncy, very unique texture and hard to find. The noodles are delicious both with the soup and dry versions!


这碟最吸引我的云吞面在于两个方面,一,面条细小且分布得很密麻,用筷子夹起来时的触感会让人觉得面条非常实体化,总觉得“斤两”很够,绝对填得饱肚子就是了。当然,一吃进嘴里时,心中波浪汹涌,所以好不好吃自当不在话下,如果真要我为大家道明一切吃后感,呜~~ 真的是很好吃啊~~ 面条细小,嚼劲一流,就是很实在,很实在啊~~

很令我吃惊的,叉烧肉肥肉瘦肉比例已可说是三七的黄金比例,加上每一块叉烧都是蛮肥厚的,而且而且,不但如此,叉烧被烧得很美,看起来真的是很 “腊”,堪称不折不扣的烧腊叉烧肉,天啊~~ 真是吸引死我了~~

一丢进口里,砰!碰!咚!咔!铮!轰隆!要命!要命!要命的好吃!!!真的,肉质甜美之外,瘦肉就让我咬得非常有实在感,占了三分的肥肉就软得不用我去咬已完全在我舌头各牙缝里毫无的乱奔乱闯,加上叉烧本身散发出来扑鼻的浓浓脂肪味,呜~~ 好吃


Chicken Cuisine Noodle House 古仙面之家:Glenmarie 最出名的Curry Laksa 和客家面 Glenmarie’s most delicious curry laksa & hakka mee



2014-04-28 11.40.42 2014-04-28 11.40.30   DSC09851

The Hakka Noodles – pretty tasty with crunchy Wantan.

这是古仙餐厅,里面有卖许多小档口。这次的来到古仙餐厅是我一位朋友介绍下,让我感到等不及的想到古仙餐厅品尝美食,因为我朋友告诉我在古仙餐厅有两个档口卖Curry Laksa 和客家面是在Glenmarie 最出名的。想不到在工厂区里有那么好吃的美食。

首先介绍Curry Laksa。你能指定你想要什么类型的面条。您可以选择从米粉,黄色面条,贵刁黄帝眠。然后,您可以选择加料(添加成分)与酿豆腐或咖喱鸡。鱼丸,茄子,豆腐,饺子等等。Curry Laksa 的外表看起来红红的很吸引人,可是又感觉吃起会很辣。其实我个人能接受也不觉得好辣。Curry Laksa 最重要是汤汁的味道,我个人比较喜欢选米粉+面。因为米粉是很容易吸起汤汁,所以当你放进口里是,也会感到汤汁再你嘴里的存在。而他的Curry Laksa 真的很香浓浓的味道和感觉,吃起来你能感觉到Curry 中带着椰浆的香浓浓味道在你嘴里,而且再要下去你就能感到香料的味道,我相信这家老板用了很多心细去煮Curry Laksa 汤汁。



Chase away your Monday blues with a good thick curry laksa or curry noodles like this particular one found in Shah Alam. A bit far to travel from the city but the curry is good stuff. A bowl of curry laksa will be served with two pieces of chicken, cockles and tofu puffs. Thick and rich, you can understand why this restaurant is packed with people every day for lunch.

Aside from laksa, this particular stall within the funnily named Chicken Cuisine (their logo had a chicken with a serving tray versus it being served on a platter!?) also serves yong tau foo. You pick and choose what you wish to eat from trays of ready made yong tau foo and they’ll prepare the chee cheong fun for you straight away.

Chicken Cuisine Noodle House 6, Jalan UI/36 Seksyen UI Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Park, 40150 Shah Alam

Client’s comments: From http://www.bangsarbabe.com/2013/01/curry-noodles-glenmarie.html

A standard bowl of noodles come with chicken, cockles, bean sprouts and tofu puffs. I added a piece of brinjal yong tau foo and fried wanton into my noodles… That aside, the curry gravy was aromatic, thick and rich in flavour. Squeeze some lime juice in to give the curry some zest. Pretty decent…

from: http://preciouspea.blogspot.com/2007/08/curry-laksa-chicken-cuisine-glenmarie.html

I was quite delighted to see the creamy orangey-red colour of the broth with a layer of chilli oil on top. The laksa was served just the way I like it; with lots of fresh bloody-looking cockles, chunky steamed chicken, fluffly soft taufu-pok, crunchy beansprouts and long beans and topped with mint leaves. For extra kick, I added in some lime juice for the tangy flavour. Ooooohhh….this cholesterol-laden bowl of laksa is indeed very good!!!

PERODUA Viva, Myvi & ALza Sales



-100% LOAN AVAILABLE(Upon Bank’s Approval)
-Islamic loan provided
-Fast approval
-Fast delivery
-Trade-in accepted
-Warranty 3 years
-FREE SERVICE 3 YEARS or 60000km


-Free 3 Years Service Maintenance
-Free 1 Year Smart Assist
-Free Full Tank Petrol
-Free Steering Lock
-Free Umbrella
-Free TnGO

Document Required:
1) Photocopy of IC
2) Photocopy of Driving License
3) 3 months Pay slip
4) 3 months Bank Statement / EPF Statement


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