Restaurant Tak Fok 得福小厨:GOOD CHEAP CRABS! 全城最便宜的螃蟹


customer comment:
Best place to find cheap crabs!
Not sure about you guys but my family ABSOLUTELY adores CRABS. It’s been a while since we had crabs. Usually whenever we were to feast on crabs it would be because its a special day or it’s been a really LONG time since we had crabs. So guess what? It was mama wong that was actually craving for crabs. Typically we would head down to Kepong for our usual crabs because it was then the cheapest one in town. Back then when I was 16, it was ONLY RM18 for two crabs! But as time past and now being 2013, it’s now RM32 for two crabs, which is still affordable lah.
Craving for Seafood?
On a budget?
LAZY to travel an hour to get cheap seafood?

Note: I been going to Kepong’s outlet since I was 16, but since this year due to location, Puchong is nearer. Hence this review of their Puchong outlet 🙂
We arrived at 6ish pm.
There were a few tables empty, while others were half way through their dinner.
The best time to be there is before 7pm on a weekend!
If you arrive later than that, you might end up waiting in a 30min line to be seated.
So YOU have been warned!
Their interior design is super simple
Like seriously, it’s like they didnt even put any effort for deco
Maybe just their sign and an alter for their god.
Their Kepong outlet has better designs and been renovated beautifully.
So if you don’t mind the travel and wait (it’s super crowded there), then go for it 🙂
Their lobster promo
RM58 for one lobsters
They even have the fish tanks in the restaurant
Here is one of the waiters catching someone’s meal 😛
So as you can see it quiet fresh la.
First that came out was the crab!
Cheesy Crab (RM32 for 2)
Lots of people complain about their crab being very small
but seriously, if you are paying RM16 for each,
what gives you the right to complain?
You get what you paid for la..
If you are expecting a crab that would cover your entire plate then I
think you should pay RM100 for it.
This crab was about a fist big.
In my opinion it’s alright for the price
and today’s catch was pretty fresh to me 🙂
Picture Credits: ReanaClaire
Of course you can’t forget about ordering the
Mantau (RM4.20 for 6) Mantau means Bread yeah 😉
haha. look at me teaching chinese and all. pfft  😛
Their famous home cooked
Taufu (RM10)
Was kinda disappointed when this arrive,
it was the size of my rice portion.
Mama wong was like, what do you expect to get when
this is only RM10?
hahaha. Not bad comeback ma. Not bad at all 😉
Taufu Soup (RM18)
Seriously, I think I am turning into a soup aunty
At every dinner now, I need my taufu soup
Though this was more expensive than my usual,
they included more crab meat and the taste is better
How should I describe it?
Well, it’s thick and it doesn’t taste all MSG but more natural?
In the end we left no one behind
My family don’t believe in wasting food so,
just like chicken and fish,
we mean serious business when we eat our crab.
It’s usually survival of the fitness at the table. haha
I am always the last to finish my crab = less opportunity to have more crab
because they are all gone! D’:
Picture Credits: Tak Fok Facebook Page
Coconut Prawn
This dish is one of their MOST popular dish there
When we were there every table was having this.
We didn’t order this because mom and sis can’t take spicy food
Sad right?
Verdict: 8/10
Hope this was helpful for you all.
Let me know if you know somewhere else that got
I am always craving for crabs… hehe.
restaoran tak fok is at the desa here and i do bring my family here to dine in sometime to try on their other menu besides the famous crab. but when i come in there are so many people even as early as 5pm and i guess next time i also need to be more early. they introduce the homemade taufu which taste good very soft taufu and on top have spread with the minced pork and fried it. tasty

芝士螃蟹 500G RM15
甘香螃蟹 500G RM15
炸馒头 6个 RM3.60

得福小厨还有好几样拿手菜我们没点(吃不下那么多啊),比如椰子咖喱虾、石烧饭等等。 海鲜菜馆来说得福小厨的价钱还不错,尤其是螃蟹的价钱还挺合理的。 突然好想去点个芝士螃蟹和一盘炸馒头坐着慢慢吃呀!

德福小廚是今天的重點 這是他裝修后的模樣,感覺很class,但覺得和他的食物主题有点格格不入啦。 在puchong還有一家分店四个贪吃的人,即使倾盆大雨都还是依计划往甲洞,说真的,我超爱甲洞的,那里的美食,吃不完,可以选择一整天就呆在那里啊。帮你们拟个计划案。 早上可以去附近的德记吃早餐! 超棒的点心~不会偷工减料!一只只的虾。yummmmmmy… 然后去jusco看一場电影小逛。 午餐有很多选择。 我直接跳过。。 就说刨刨兵的雪花冰,也是一流的~ 尤其ice cake。是我的最愛。

Ice Cake 芒果刨冰荔枝刨冰

然后呢~可以去honey room,超棒的糖水,好吃的黑芝麻糊。


晚餐,当然要吃螃蟹才可以。咸蛋超螃蟹,那个味道,吃过一次,你肯定会怀念。哈哈。 還有,曾江的日本奶油田螺,本來是覺得田螺有點惡心,可是吃起來,真的一流! 还有,肉骨茶啦~西餐啦。火锅啦。 好多。。 流口水吧?哈哈哈。 倒序。 昨天的晚餐。 四个人吃了RM105.其实还不错,因为四个人都撑得。。。哈哈。 这是第二次去这件餐馆~ 螃蟹真的一流的!還有,出名地,便宜。色香味俱全! 很多美食節目都曾經介紹過。 我們點了,咸蛋炒螃蟹,cheesy螃蟹,炒四大天王,南乳醬仔雞,還有鐵板豆腐。 看圖,看圖~

咸蛋超螃蟹 Cheese螃蟹


饅頭配上cheese螃蟹真是無法形容的妙~ 哈哈。


Restaurant Tak Fok  得福小厨
HQ- Desa Aman Puri, Kepong: No.2-2A, Jalan Desa 1/3, Desa Aman Puri, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 03-62723346
Puchong Branch: No.23, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, Puchong, 47100 Selangor. Tel: 03-80606994
Taman Desa Branch: No.26a, Jalan Desa Jaya, Taman Desa, Faber Plaza, 58100 KL. Tel: 03-79811446
Operating Hours: 12PM -3PM & 6PM-11PM

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