88SP MART 1st Community Wholesale Market 小贩邻里贩卖部: 选择多,价钱公道!Fantastic service and lots of variety



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The first Community Wholesale Market who serves over 3000 different cold storage and grocery.
Fortress Avenue Sdn Bhd was founded in 1978 by manufacturing rice noodle rolls or known as chee cheong fun (a typical local Chinese food, made by flour and usually served with prawns and special sauce). With their own family secret recipe, Fortress Avenue managed to manufacture high quality of chee cheong fun and become a popular brand among local hawkers. Thus, it earned itself a good reputation in manufacturing chee cheong fun in Malaysia.However, Malaysia’s food culture has become much more diverse as time goes by and different food cultures from other countries also came into Malaysia rapidly in the past few years. This affected much of the original business. In 1997 and 2011 respectively, Mr. Chaang Tuck Cheong (the eldest son) and Mr. Chaang Tuck Loong (the second son) decided to inherit the business in order to save the dying company as they did not want their father’s effort gone to waste.

Tuck Cheong knew that the main key feature to be successful in the food industry is to improve the workplaces’ hygienic conditions in order to produce high quality product and gain the public’s trust. The challenge became bigger when he tried to modernize the traditional food without losing its essence. Learning from failures and keep searching for new alternatives, Tuck Cheong never gave up on his career and continues his effort by cooperating with agents to promote and sell his own rice noodle rolls to gain wider popularity.

To achieve their father’s entrepreneurial philosophy and to restructure the company, Fortress Avenue Sdn Bhd also opened its convenience stores to provide procurement or bill payment services to the neighbourhood hawkers and residents. Apart from selling their own products and wholesale seasoning ingredients and raw materials needed by hawkers, these one-stop convenience stores also provide various types of cold storage and steamboat or hotpot materials at affordable prices.

Although transportation in Kuala Lumpur is convenient, but the heavy traffic jams are still a big issue for the people. Hence, the neighbourhood community set up their own food courts and hawker centres nearby to let the residents to easily get their meals without going so far. That is also one of the reasons why Fortress Avenue Sdn Bhd sets up 88SP Mart, a neighbourhood community wholesale market to cater the grocery needs of general consumers, and also provide raw materials to the hawkers at lower prices to help them reduce operating costs. Although the store seems small, but 88SP Mart community wholesale market is able to provide over 3000 range of different cold storage and groceries for the residential area. Their one-stop service can solely be your reliable life and business partner.

Fortress Avenue Sdn Bhd believes that love, care and trust are essential to succeed in life. Therefore, the Chaang brothers are grateful for what they have in life. But they also believe that giving back to the society is what they need to do. They always gather and work together with the community to organize activities to spread love and care to old folks, orphans, single-parent families, disabled and others who are in need of help. Their goal, to spread the spirit of dedication to help those who are in need is the most meaningful and viable action they can do. And to foresee this spirit goes on for the generations to come.

Fortress Avenue Sdn Bhd 1978年以生产肠粉起家。以自家研发的秘方酿制肠粉,历史悠久,信誉良好,当时获得许多肠粉小贩的青睐,生意源源不绝。




在吉隆坡这个大都市里,人口密集,虽然交通方便,但上下班交通阻塞的情况让人却步。因此,社区邻里发展起自己的饮食聚点,大排档等美食中心,让邻里的居民能省去塞车费时费神的烦恼,在居住点的附近就能解决三餐。Fortress Avenue Sdn Bhd 旗下便利商店 88SP Mart 小贩邻里贩卖部因此而生。不单单迎合一般零售消费者的需要,更首创提供多元冷冻食品,让做生意的小贩们也能在此提货,减低经营成本!麻雀虽小,五脏齐全。 88SP Mart小贩邻里贩卖部为社区提供超过3000种联合冷冻食品与杂货,一站式的便利服务,使他们成为您可信赖的生活与生意伙伴。

Fortress Avenue Sdn Bhd 相信人与人之间的爱,关怀与信任是成功的必要因素。所谓饮水思源,除了生意的经营,热心贡献社会,关怀弱势的工作也不能少。曽兄弟在看见邻里小贩的需要的同时,也看见社会的需要,公司定期举办活动,与社区联手,将爱与温暖送至有需要的人,老人院,孤儿院,单亲家庭及残缺人士等等。为需要协助的人士尽心尽力,给予他们最大的爱心及最实际的行动。

88SP MART 1st Community Wholesale Market 小贩邻里贩卖部

37-39 Jalan 33/154, Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

88SP MART (Sungai Long Branch)
No.38 Jalan SL1/3, Bandar Sungai Long 43200 Kajang, Selangor

Clients’ comments:

Pang Cheh Seng
Fantastic service and lots of variety…Must come!

Yen Ling Wong


Kenny Chuah
不錯,方便我们做小贩的,不够货可以早早便可以买货做生意,真的很方便,员工们都很和善对人。tq 88spsmart



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