金碧旗袍有限公司CHEONG SAM BOUTIQUE PERNIAGAAN EMERALD BRILLIANT SDN. BHD: Local Tailor Made Chinese Costume , Qi Pao , Cheongsam , Qun Kua , Kuan Kua , Wedding Gowns , Evening Gowns , Uniform & Others



Of skills and patienc e: Workmanship for intricate cheongsams can cost me RM100 a day.

Of skills and patience: Workmanship for intricate cheongsams can cost me RM100 a day.
Whoever says traditional wear is only popular with the older set, should pay Kong Yoon Yoon, director and chief designer of Emerald Brilliant, a visit.
Captain of a six-branch cheongsam boutique, Kong may be 64 this year but the girls who don her outfits are half her age. Making a very sexy splash this year alone is the parading of some 100 pieces of Kong’s creations at the Miss Qipao and Miss Malaysia Kebayapageants, where she has been wardrobe sponsor for two years. Her coterie of followers includes Leng Yein, an entrepreneur and model famed for her bombshell looks.
It all began when a customer stole nine pieces of her cheongsam put up for display 40 years ago.
“She was a rich lady who drove a BMW. Story has it that she became mentally unbalanced when her fiancee went overseas. This lady came in one day with some nasi lemak for my seamstresses and while they were distracted, she made off with my cheongsam. She confessed later, explaining the inability to resist because the dresses were so beautiful,” recalls Kong.

Brilliant and beautiful-Sticking to her roots has paid off for Kong (in shocking pink) and her youngest son, Ryan Sim (2nd from left).

Brilliant and beautiful: Sticking to her roots has paid off for Kong (in shocking pink) and her youngest son, Ryan Sim (second from left).

Instead of taking the episode negatively, Kong decided to go into making cheongsam full time, making custom-made orders her main income churner.

“It is not unusual for us to make RM10,000 from the sale of six to seven long gowns when you factor in the embroidery and sequin work. But costs can be higher too as some requirements may take a month to complete. In such cases, workmanship alone can cost me RM100 a day,” Kong said.
When it comes to fashion, it pays to stick to one’s roots. Today, 40 seamstresses work fulltime to churn out 30 pieces a day for Kong’s outlets.
Last year, sales reportedly touched RM2.1mil and the inventory in each outlet is kept at a par of RM50,000.
When it comes to tradition, one does not necessarily need to be an old-timer to get ahead.Over at the Emerald Brilliant headquarters, though there is a big sign in her shop that says goods sold are not returnable, this will soon change.
“In our store, we have a policy — Every customer who wears ourcheongsam should elicit a lot of oohs and aahs. This, in a way, is also word-of-mouth advertising for us. If the dress does not fit, the customer will keep our cheongsam hidden in her wardrobe. If this is the case, how is she going to do word-of-mouth advertising for us?” Kong asked.
Bringing modern elements to old school designs is another factor.
Kong is one who has given this plenty of thought.
“I have more than 1,000 designs in my shop at any one time so customers will always find something they like,” she said.
Her main concern now is in improving the sizing system for a better fit.
“Currently, we only have five standard sizes, carrying a difference of 2 inches between each size. By expanding the range to 10 sizes, we’ll be able to give our customers a better fit. This will come in use when we start operations in KLIA2, where there will be little time for alterations,” said Kong.
Kong revealed how she got her youngest son, Ryan Sim, 28, who is now marketing director interested in her business — by playing the numbers game.
“I knew if I only had one shop bringing in a revenue of only RM10,000 a month, it would not sound lucrative to him at all. So, 10 years ago, I decided to expand.
“The logic was if one shop could bring in RM10,000, then having six shops would multiply our revenue sixfold.
“That was how I got him to come in — by showing him how bright prospects can be for my cheongsam business,” smiled Kong.
Kong’s expansion plans are still ongoing as she is confident of a growing market. Her latest include the soon-to-be-opened KLIA2 in Sepang where she is seeking investors to pump in some RM300,000 as start-up capital.

A specialized Local Tailor Made Chinese Costume , Qi Pao , Cheongsam , Qun Kua , Kuan Kua , Wedding Gowns , Evening Gowns , Uniform & Others..

Price estimation: 

Tailor made qipao (cheongsam): about RM600-RM800 (basic), RM1400 (lace or beaded)
Ready-made qipao: about RM1200 (beaded)

Perniagaan Emerald Brilliant has a long history in garment manufacturing, with 30 years of business experience. Our company specializes on exquisite oriental clothing, nightgowns, Chinese fashion, suits, exquisite Malay fashion and all kind of UNIFORM.

The above are all personally created by our professional designers who won the PIED 2001 Creative Awards. Our business covers throughout Malaysia and overseas as well.

Our designs or creations can be delivered throughout Malaysia and other countries, and competitively priced. We also welcome wholesale and retail customers. In the future, we hope to open more outlets in Malaysia.

For those who are interested, please contact us at 03-78765072(HQ)


Head Quaters : No. 5M. Jalan SS2/64, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Tel: 03-7876 5072, 7874 7811 Fax: 03-7874 1688

Workshop      : No. 5A, Jalan SS2/64, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Kuala Lumpur : Lot No. 5.21 Level 5, Pavilion KL Shopping Mall.   Tel : 03-2142 0522

Plaza Armada: Lot 3, Plaza Armada, Lorong Utara C, Sect.52, 46200 Petaling Jaya. Tel : 03-7956 9439
1U Branch     : No. F226, 1st Floor Promenade, 1-Utama Shopping Centre,No.1,Lebuh Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-7727 5855, 7731 7449
E-mail: emeraldbrilliant@hotmail.com

Website: http://emeraldbrilliant.com
For those who are interested, please contact us at +603-78765072(HQ)


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4 thoughts on “金碧旗袍有限公司CHEONG SAM BOUTIQUE PERNIAGAAN EMERALD BRILLIANT SDN. BHD: Local Tailor Made Chinese Costume , Qi Pao , Cheongsam , Qun Kua , Kuan Kua , Wedding Gowns , Evening Gowns , Uniform & Others

  1. jasmine tan on said:

    I knew that Emerald Brilliant has a variety of readymade qipaos available for trying for one like my mom who has difficulty finding the right cutting for her stature and body type. It was such an enriching experience for her because she never thought that she could look good in qipao and yet the first one that she tried was the one that she couldn’t put down. We also customade another qipao on top of the one she tried off the shelf. So in total we bought 2 qipaos. My mom in law also bought a qipao from the outlet in One Utama.

    This is a place I will recommend for those who are :
    (1) short of time – there are many readymade ones available for purchase and customade qipaos takes about 2 weeks only.
    (2) unsure of their own body type – you can try out the different types of cutting in the shop as there are tonnes available for trying
    (3) not particular about workmanship – the qipaos will look good no doubt but if one scrutinises, one will find a lot of flaws with the threading and seams etc.

    The main branch and also the “factory” is located in SS2 and I highly recommend that outlet as there seems to be more choice there and the price seems slightly cheaper than those in Pavilion and One Utama. Either that or they place the more expensive ones at the other 2 outlets. If you are looking for more modern designs, then I will recommend you visit Pavilion and One Utama as I believe more modern ones are placed at the shopping centre outlets. 10% discounts are almost always offered for readymade qipaos bought off the rack and each readymade qipao can be altered plus minus 2 inches.

  2. Chinese Costume Fitting @ Emerald Brilliant. Been looking high and low for a perfect place to get my Chinese qipao done. There were tons of ready made Chinese costumes at this shop. There were long qipao, short qipao, sam fu, kun kwa and even baju kebaya. Can you believe it?

  3. Beautiful cheongsam for ladies in their 20s but be careful to check for defects, especially after alterations.

  4. chin mui on said:

    Another place my wedding planner took me to was Emerald Brilliant which is based in SS2. A traditional bright red cheongsam, off the rack was RM699. I believe you can make to measure cheongsams there as well. There are loads of cheongsams here to try, albeit more traditional ones and there’s a whole range of material here to look at which would give you some options.


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