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Accord Homes Realty Sdn Bhd: Honesty, efficiency and quality of works

Accord Homes Realty Sdn Bhd is a licensed and registered real estate agency which was established in July 2009 with the Board of Valuer, Appraiser and Estate Agents Malaysia. The founder of our company, Madam Sim Moy Kee, Mr. Lee Wong Heng is our agency’s principal. Director will be Chris Lee, Anderson Lim and David Tang. The company directors attribute such success to the guiding principles : honesty, efficiency and quality of works.Accord Homes Realty Sdn Bhd negotiators are encouraged to be motivated and full of zest in handling every property dealings. We provide a comprehensive and cordial service with sincerity to set our clients with a restful mind.

We are the professionals who create the true value of Real Estate on the basis of advanced skills, knowledgeable, and network.

Accord Realty

No 1-2, Plaza Prismaville, Jalan 19/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 603-62052222

Fax: 603-62059221

Email: info@accordrealty.com.my

UNIPRINTS MARKETING SDN BHD: An established Printing & Graphic Company with ISO Certification


We are established Printing & Graphic Company with ISO Certification. 
We offer a complete line of superior quality printing which includes printing of corporate profile,catalogues,annual reports,brochures,leaflets,direct mails, flyers, newsletters, user manual, magazines, computer forms, calendars, diary, notebook, labels, stickers, shopping bags, packaging boxes, phamplets, poster, text books, magazines, proposal, documents, greeting cards, invitation cards, menu, bill books, envelopes, stationery items, certificates, folders, files, hardcover, business cards, tags, custom made items, all kind of offsets printing, copywriting, photography, digital electronic prepress, Multimedia CD-Rom development, silkscreen, signboards, banners, buntings, Double Sided Roll-Up System, Pop-Up System, Round Base Bunting Stand,Standard Roll-Up System, Plastic Promotion Counter, Foam Board Promotion Counter, Standard X-Kite, Luxury X-Kite, Chromed Made Brochure Stand, Zig Zag Brochure Stand, Poster Standee, Standard L-Shape, Tripot Bunting Stand, Tripot Sttandee and more.

We do printing from A to Z. Our clients range from medium size to larger one. They are from the manufacturing, textile, food, marketing, consumer, automobile, tourism, industry, educational, writers and other related field.

We provide integrated services on Layout Design, Advertising & Promotion, Photography services and Color Separation.


Address: No. 11 Jalan 3/148A, Taman Sungai Besi Industrial Park, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur, 57100

Phone number: +60 (0)3 7981-3384

Varicool Air-Cond Services: Specialize in repairing air-conditioning systems




We have been in the air conditioning industry long enough and are experts in our field.  With a keen eye for details, we can assist you to install or repair any air conditioning unit in your residence or place of work.
We provide the best professional checking and trouble-shooting services that meet customer requirements and satisfaction. Our experienced, trained and qualified teams will assess, verify and ascertain the problem to propose the best and most cost-effective solution.
We specialize in repairing air-conditioning systems that are designed to extend the life of the operation, incurring the most minimum of maintenance. Nevertheless, with regular maintenance and cleaning, you can be sure of the following benefits:

• Green environment with healthier and cleaner air
• Operating at peak efficiency
• Energy savings
• Minimize and prevent major cost of repairs

Varicool Air-Cond Services

15, Jalan 30, Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100 KL

Tel: 03-6276 1298

Email: andy_ng@streamyx.com

优势连锁安亲补习中心STC Management:安亲和补习中心连锁化的专业集团

IMG_0005 IMG_0004 Image0773 Image0772 Image0770 Image0768 STC Management is a well-known licensor that specializes in early childhood education and day care service.STC has the best learning methodologies, which are able to help your children develop towards achieving excellence in education. STC was established on 1st July 1998. Today, there are more than 30 branches throughout Malaysia.


优势连锁安亲补习中心是国内安亲和补习中心连锁化的专业集团。 优势集团成立于1998年7月1日。如今,在总院长陈俊中的领导下,在全马各地已拥有超过30间的分院。 优势集团以其丰富的经营经验,设计了多项加盟计划,让拥有资金有时间者、有资金没有时间者或拥有时间无资金者,互相配合共同开创雪隆新分院。优势集团也欢迎各州加盟州总院,亦欢迎投资者或联营伙伴的加入。 主席的话 学问很重要,无论是以前或是现在。但现代扭曲式、填鸭式的教育方式,已牺牲掉孩子们的童年、童真,造成大量的神精质、心理有问题的儿童。孩子是我们未来的主人翁,如果这一批孩子个个心理扭曲不平衡,请问我们的社会国家的未来将寄望谁呢? 有鉴于此,我创办了优势STC,以“让孩子快乐地学习,健康地成长”为核心理念,解决当今“即渇才又害才”的教育问题。並透过加盟连锁方式让这个观念传达出去,让各地各州各国的孩子都得到这种最人性化的教育环境! With our wealth of experience, STC has designed various business plans to enable interested parties to explore mutually-benefiting business venture in the Klang Valley. An ideal venture for those who have capital but lack the time or vice versa. STC expansion plans include establishing Master Licensor in different states and would welcome joint venture investors to join and grow together with STC.

Our Philosophy
“Let Our Children Learn Happily and Grow”


安全 : 确保拥有足够的灭火设备及紧急急救箱
沟通 : 确保所有院长和老师们都会听取学生和家长的意见
健康 : 确保员工都有健康的体魄
专业性 : 确保所有的老师都符合教学水准,没有犯罪记录和皆有参加再培训课程
环境 : 确保中心的环境清洁卫生且有足够的活动空间
爱心 : 确保所有的院长和老师们都充满耐心和爱心
Our centre has a family environment which provides a conducive leaving environment that includes proper rest areas for students.Below are the guidelines which every centre has to adhere to strictly :

Security : To ensure sufficient fire extinguishing equipment and first-aid materials.
Communication : To ensure that principals and teachers listen to and accept students’ and parents’ positive or constructive opinions.
Health : To ensure all members of the staff are healthy and have positive working attitudes.
Specialization : To ensure that high teaching standard is maintained with staff attending compulsory training programmes and be updated on the latest teaching skills. Staff must also be free from criminal records.
Environment : To ensure that the centre has a clean and pleasant environment with sufficient space for outdoor activities.
Compassion : To ensure principals and teachers are compassionate and committed to sharing their love and knowledge.




From Business planning and branding to staffing, you’ll leave with the knowledge you need to build your business.
Join us! We will assist you yo build your own career!
Instil good moral values for character-building.
Guidance from our founder, Mr. Stanley Tan.
Programmes in Teaching Skills will be provided by experienced teachers who are involved in marking UPSR papers.
A course in Comprehensive Staff Management Skills will be given to assist you in managing teachers like staffs recruiting, managing, retaining and restructuring etc.
On-going training programmes:
Minimum 10 hours – Guidance and Experience Sharing Section by our founder, Mr. Stanley Tan. Minimum 30 hours – Teacher Training Programmes Minimum 10 hours – Business Administration Programmes Minimum 2 hours – Finance Administration Programmes Minimum 10 hours – Staff Management Programmes Minimum 10 hours – Student Recruiting Skills Programmes Minimum 20 hours – Marketing Strategy PPogrammes Minimum 3 hours – Child Psychology Programmes
Monthly advertisement support

STC Management Sdn. Bhd.

46-2, Jalan Ipoh Batu 5,Kampung Batu, 51200 Kuala Lumpur.

Tel : 603-6257 9994 / 6259 1994
Fax : 603-6259 1994

Adeline Beauty Group: Enzymes Accelerating Therapy, Eye Treatment Therapy, Body Slimming Treatment, G5 Treatment & Bust Treatment



寻找美容院来让自己变漂亮,当然要找最好的美容院了,隆重推荐大家马来西亚最好服务的美容院,一个充满人性化的五星级美容中心Adeline Beauty Group

Engaging in human health and beauty business, offering advance technical beauty methods, reliable and trust worthy products, providing high quality services that meet customers’ satisfaction, utilizing valuable and traditional experience in providing modern female “ self-confidence & health ” policies together with the accomplishment of “ Confidence, Trust & satisfaction ” – Adeline Goh.
Facing stiff competition and growing demand from the beauty industry, ADELINE’s advancement largely depends not only on the professionalism of the staffs, but also the integration of high quality and effectiveness from both the products and services.
CEO, Adeline Goh has a strong belief and determination to make ADELINE BEAUTY GROUP as one of the Branded Beauty Hub in the region.
As a new Icon in the Beauty Industry, ADELINE does not depend on luck.
ADELINE’s motto: “Do Your Best & Do It Right” not only applicable to the employees but also her life. She never stop demanding for higher technical skills and also one should possess the will and thirst for new knowledge and a never say die attitude. Adeline shares her experience with her employees on almost every aspect of works and life – Success Comes Not Only Through Your Achievements, But Also Your Social Responsibility Towards Customers.
ADELINE demands optimistic employees, facing customers with positive attitude and that’s why ADELINE holds a strong position in the beauty market as their optimistic services towards customers had gained tremendous positive feedback and excellent remarks.
At Adeline Beauty Group, we’ve customized these treatments to target our body’s specific problem areas such as areas around the eyes and the bust.
Treatments that we offer include Enzymes Accelerating Therapy, Eye Treatment Therapy, Body Slimming Treatment, G5 Treatment and Bust Treatment.
Rest assured that you’ll be well taken care of as these treatments are done by our well-trained specialists and experienced beauticians.

1986 – 1994
8 Consecutive Years Winner of “Shield of Excellence” by Menard Malaysia
1990 – 1997
7 Consecutive Years Winner of Best Selling Awards by Menard Malaysia.
1994 – 2000
6 Consecutive Years Winner of Million Dollar Round Table Award by Menard Malaysia.
Accredited Institute by MLVK Malaysia.
Norminated Skin Care Centre by Johor Wanita UMNO.
Awarded SINCERE ENTREPRENEUR in Second ASEAN International and Malaysia Entrepreneur.
Awarded ELITE EXCELLENCE BRAND in Third ASEAN International E-Century Entrepreneur.
Winner of 2nd Malaysia/ Asia Pacific Keris Award.
Winner of Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur Award.
Winner of Malaysia’s RTM Fashionable Woman’s Success Woman Entrepreneur Award.
Winner of Super Excellent Brand Award.
Winner of Malaysia Independence Award 1957.
Winner of Singapore Successful Entrepreneur.
Winner of 21st Century The Prestigous Brand.
Winner of Singapore Promising SME 500 Award.

Miss Carolyn Ko

Contact Us
We believe that sincerely listening to our customers is a very important task as it will help us to serve you better. Thus, if you have any enquiries, questions, comments or even suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know. We can be reached at the following address:
HQ Office
No. 202A, Jalan Sri Pelangi, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia.
T  : +607 333 2439
F  : +607 331 1439
E  : adelinehq@yahoo.com

VRV Services: installation, service & maintenance of air cond


Specialist in installation, service and maintenance of air conditioning system

VRV Services

65, Jalan Bukit Desa 3, Taman Bukit Desa Kepong, 52100 KL

Tel: 019 228 0322    03-6276 6536

Re Beauty Therapy: 花卉生物能量療法Phytobiophysics有助改善人體健康







本院提供花卉生物能量療法,英文為Phytobiophysics,是植物(phyto)、能量(bio)與科學(physics)的結合, 蘊藏著源源不絕看不見、卻很強大的能量,攝入它們的能量,有助改善人體健康。


-Cleansing and detoxification

Re Beauty Therapy

31-1, Taman Usahawan, Kepong Utara, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat 1, Kuala Lumpur, 52100, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur
  • Tel 03-6253 1877
  • Fax 03-6258 1811
  • E-mail 

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